Status Hook

Working from two locations? On the phone a lot? Eating lunch? Let your co-workers know! Use StatusHook to easily set your Slack status from external services or apps.

Add to Slack

Location Based

Use apps like Geofency to automatically update your status when you arrive at the office or leave the office.


We assign a randomly generated password to your webhooks so that only you can set your status and no other person

Easy to use

Not a code person? Don't get bothered with writing your own code. Just use the /statushook command and you are done

Action Based

A lot of devices and services offer to sent webhooks to service. StatusHook can be used from any service allowing you to send POST requests.


We use state of the art infrastructure that makes sure your status is set correctly every time.

Made for Slack

We love Slack just like you do and we think your status is a great way to keep co-workers up to date. So why not automate them?